Pharmacists Helping Vets and Pets Our specialty service should not be viewed as competition with local veterinarians; rather, compounding allows veterinarians to broaden their prescribing abilities and to offer [dosage] forms that are patient-specific in strength and formulation. Therefore, the goal of compounding for the veterinary patient is to enhance the veterinarian’s ability to treat […]

Hormone Balance

Bio-Identical vs. Non-Bio-Identical( Synthetic) Hormones Bio-identical hormones have the same chemical structure as hormones that are made by the human body. The term “bio-identical” does not indicate the source of the hormone, but rather refers to the chemical structure. In order for a replacement hormone to fully replicate the function of hormones which were originally […]

Age with Confidence

Andropause Androgen deficiency in the aging male (ADAM), also known as andropause, affects an estimated 1 in 200 men. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency may include: weakness fatigue reduced libido low sex drive osteoporosis loss of muscle mass night sweats insomnia memory impairment A man may be considered hypogonadal at any age if total testosterone is […]


We work together with prescribers, children, and their families to customize medications and meet specific needs. Children pose many challenges when it comes to medication: they may resist having to take a medication, dislike the taste or texture, have difficulty swallowing solid dosage forms, and are fearful of injections. The limited pediatric market for most […]

Sports Medicine

Topical vs. Transdermal Drug Delivery – a function of formulation Whether you’re a workout enthusiast who needs to soothe aches and strains, a high school player recovering from a sports injury, or a weekend warrior trying to ease pain during the work week, compounding can provide serious benefits for every kind of athlete. Athletes, coaches, […]


There are many foot conditions that need to be treated. We can compound many different customized formulations for the following foot conditions: Peripheral Neuropathies Plantar Fascitis Tendonitis Bunions Gout Plantar wart Onchomycosis/ Nail Fungus or more Athlete’s Foot Various synergistic combinations are used for antifungal therapy. Research points to the practicality “of using ibuprofen, alone […]


Nipple healing Ointment Nipple soreness while breast feeding can be caused by different reasons: fungus, yeast, Bacteria,.. There are some medications that are typically prescribed in different strengths for treatment: Mupirocin: an antibiotic, used to treat infections caused by bacteria Clotrimazole/Nystatin: antifungals, used to treat some types of fungal or yeast infections Betamethasone: a corticosteroid […]


Dentistry We work together with dentists and their patients to solve problems using customized medications. Upon a prescription order, we can compound: lip balms for viral lesions topical muscle relaxants/analgesics topical anesthetics non-staining antibacterial rinses oral sedation in lollipops and freezer pop lollipops for oral thrush mouth rinses for aphthous ulcers or chemotherapy-induced stomatitis mouth […]